Cap & Gown Info

Required The University Commencement Ceremony is an academic ceremony; therefore all participants must wear traditional academic regalia.

Commencement Regalia Uniform Code

Happy Grads In 1896, the colleges and universities in the United States adopted a uniform code governing academic dress. In 1976, the university inaugurated gold and silver commencement regalia for its graduates. Since 1986, all graduates have worn black gowns. Those who are receiving a master's or doctor's degree from the University of Colorado wear hoods lined with the university colors, silver and gold. The velvet border of the hood indicates the degree and usually follows the same code as the color of the tassels. The Oxford cap, usually referred to as a mortarboard, has a long tassel that is fastened by a button on the top. Candidates for baccalaureate degrees wear the tassel pendant over the right front of the cap before the degree is conferred, and over the left thereafter.

The color of the tassel on the bachelor's cap indicates the field of study, with the exception of the B.A. degree whose candidates wear white tassels indicating the Arts.

  • Architecture and Planning: Blue-Violet
  • Arts and Sciences: White
  • Business: Sapphire Blue
  • Engineering: Orange
  • Fine Arts: Brown
  • Media Communication & Information: Red
  • Music: Pink

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates are required to purchase regalia for the ceremony from the CU Book Store, located in the UMC. Regalia will be available for purchase at the cashiers in the lower level of the bookstore beginning November 1. Regalia can also be purchased online from the CU Book Store's website. Please view our ragalia pages for detailed product information. Regalia purchased is non-returnable. Other souvenir regalia packages are available for purchase. Call 303-492-6411 or visit the store for more information.

This year’s undergraduate regalia, made by the Willsie Company, is the first-ever cap and gown to be made from 100 percent recycled plastic. The regalia can be recycled or reused once graduation is over. Willsie is the first company to bring this product to market, demonstrating their deep commitment to environmental sustainability. All the caps and gowns are assembled in the United States.

Master's, Doctoral, and Law Students

Master's, Doctoral, and Law Students please visit the commencement website for cap and gown information.

For information about purchasing custom regalia, contact Nathan Hedrick (Balfour/Willsie Cap and Gown) at 785-410-5734 or