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The Official University of Colorado Ring

Gold Ring

Nothing celebrates your accomplishments like the lasting symbol of a college ring from the University of Colorado. In recognition of the need for an ongoing symbol to represent CU’s honor and traditions, CU-Boulder has created the Official Class rings of the University of Colorado at Boulder. The designs are a distillation of all that is CU- and artful conjoining of its most cherished symbols. These classic rings identify the wearer as a person who strives for excellence - a creative, competent and responsible individual- a graduate of CU.

The rings are available exclusively to students who have completed at least 60 credit hours and achieved junior or senior-year standing. It is also available to all 2 year graduate students and graduates of CU- Boulder.

Wear It Proudly The official ring represents the common bond of all current and future graduates of CU. The copyrighted designs will remain consistent as does CU’s cherished tradition of striving for excellence through teaching, research and service.

Ordering Your Ring

Silver Ring


Rings may be viewed and your size determined at the CU Book Store.

To order please call 1-866-BALFOUR or visit

University of Colorado College Ring Payment Options

Purchasing a college ring is an investment. The CU Book Store has worked to keep your college jewelry affordable and to offer easy payment plans.

"Wear as You Pay" with Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover. Leave the required deposit when you place your order. The remaining balance is then divided into equal payments (up to four).


Lifetime warranty provides for free resizing and refinishing as needed. Satisfaction guaranteed upon receipt or your money will be refunded.

Crafting Your Ring

Every University of Colorado ring represents countless hours of painstaking handwork in both its design and finishing. Each ring is carefully custom-made to the specifications of the University of Colorado and the student ordering the ring can choose of of the styles above, type of gold and engravings they would like.


Official University of Colorado rings are made by one-piece die induction, which offers a number of distinct advantages

  • Greater durability
  • Uniform hardness and consistent tarnish resistance in the finished ring
  • More depth and character of design details resulting in a more attractive ring


Gold is a valuable and highly esteemed precious metal. For centuries its color, malleability, and resistance to tarnish have made gold the favorite for jewelry construction. Because gold is extremely soft when pure it must be alloyed with other metals to have better wear characteristics. These metals include copper, silver, zinc and nickel. Alloying gold with other metals reduces the gold content so that 14k is 58% pure gold, and 10k is 42% pure gold. These are the preferred karatages for fine jewelry.


Your official University of Colorado ring will be hand finished to make certain that the highest standards are always maintained.


A final custom touch is the addition of personalized engraving.